Major Outreach and Current Research Sites
of the National Coalition of the Lupus Research Institute
Covering the Coasts and the Nation’s Major Urban Areas

National Coalition

Lupus Society of Illinois
(312) 542-0002
Providing education and outreach for people with lupus in Chicago and its environs.

“It’s been nearly 50 years since a new drug for lupus was approved. It’s time. The National Coalition is our vehicle for sounding the need. People with lupus need safer and more effective treatments—today!”

Lupus LA
(310) 657-5667
Caring for people with lupus in Los Angeles and the greater southern California area.

“As part of the National Coalition, we feel very connected to the scientific community and informed about advances. We’re united, yet each have our own distinctive voice. And we’re stronger because of it!”

Lupus Foundation of Northern California
(408) 954-8600 or (800) 523-3363
Caring for people with lupus in California and beyond.

“The Coalition is important to be able to network to a central source and be able to keep in communication with other lupus organizations. Valuable assistance includes supplying our mailing list with the Institute newsletter and hosting ‘Advocacy Day’ trainings in D.C.”

Lupus Foundation of Southern California
(858) 278-2788
Caring for people with lupus in the southern California counties of Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and Imperial.

“Our greatest hope? A cure. If it doesn’t happen in the next 10 years we hope medications will be developed that would assist lupus patients without any side effects.”

“Without the Lupus Research Institute, our project would have stopped—and a fundamental discovery in immunology would not have happened.”
– Greg Lemke, PhD, professor of Molecular Neurobiology at the Salk Institute in La Jolla. With an Institute grant, Lemke identified an essential switch that controls immune system inflammation.

Michigan Lupus Foundation
(586) 775-8310 or (800) 705-6677
Caring for people with lupus in Michigan and parts of Northern Indiana.

“No one has all of the answers in lupus. Cooperation and the exchange of ideas is important to finding new ways to help people and to raise our collective voices so that people with lupus are heard.”

Lupus Support Network
(850) 478-8107 or (800) 458-8211
Caring for people with lupus in 21 counties, including Mobile, Escambia in Alabama, and Leon (with Tallahassee) in Florida.

“The National Coalition gives us a powerful voice where otherwise we may not be heard by the public, those in politics, and those in medical research.”

“Cutting edge research has been made possible by the Institute funding high-risk projects.”

– Martin Weigert, MD, PhD, University of Chicago



The Lupus Foundation of Pennsylvania
(412) 261-5886 or (800) 800-5776
Caring for people with lupus in 61 counties in Pennsylvania.

“Through the National Coalition we get collaboration, national-level advocacy and awareness, and lupus literature and materials and information we would not otherwise have easy access to.”

S.L.E. Lupus Foundation 
(212) 685-4118 or (800) 74-LUPUS

Caring for people with lupus in the New York metropolitan area and the nation.

“For nearly 40 years, we’ve been here in the metropolitan New York area to help people with this illness stay on their feet. Today we’re on the cusp of research breakthroughs that may finally tell us why lupus happens and what can be done to prevent or stop it. With our partners across the nation and the knowledge that some of the most brilliant researchers are on the hunt for answers in Texas, Florida, Maine, Washington, Colorado—we have realistic hope that tomorrow will be different for people with lupus.”

“The Institute fills a really remarkable and unique place because it is willing—indeed its mandate is—to fund research that has the potential to entirely change the face and the future of science on this subject (lupus). Through its annual support, the LRI strengthens the lupus research landscape and moves novel concepts forward to secure large-scale federal funding.”

– William E. Paul, MD. Chief of the Laboratory of Immunology, NIAID-National Institutes of Health, NIH Distinguished Investigator and chairman of the LRI Scientific Advisory Board

Lupus Alliance of America, Inc., Hudson Valley Affiliate
(914) 948-1032

Lupus Alliance of America, Inc., Southern Tier Affiliate (NY)
(607) 772-6522 or (800) 33-LUPUS
Caring for people with lupus in counties of New York State west of the Catskill Mountains.

Lupus Foundation of Mid and Northern New York, Inc.
(315) 829-4272 or (866) 258-7874
Caring for people with lupus in the New York counties of Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Madison, Oneida, Otsego, and St. Lawrence.

“Our greatest hope? That the lupus community will unite and together support research to identify the cause, develop better diagnostic tools, discover safer treatments to improve patient quality of life, and finally cure lupus.”

Lupus Alliance Upstate New York  
(716) 835-7161 or (800) 300-4198
Caring for people with lupus and their families in central, northeastern and western New York.

Lupus Foundation of New England
(508) 872-5200 or (877) NO-LUPUS
Caring for people with lupus in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

“Together as a National Coalition we are a strong voice promoting crucial and exciting medical research. The Coalition also gives us a national presence and an opportunity to share best practices with professional and experienced colleagues.”

Lupus Foundation of Colorado

(303) 597-4050

Lupus Foundation of Florida
(727) 447-7075


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