As we pioneer discovery to prevent, treat, and cure lupus, we get crucial input and help from key partners across the country:

Scientists and Physicians—many of them world leaders in lupus—partner with us in the mission to find better treatments and a cure for lupus.

Lupus Clinical Trials Partners. Our allies in the drive to interest and enroll people with lupus in clinical trials. Visit

You! We were founded by families—mothers and fathers and siblings who had grown impatient with the glacial pace of lupus discovery. Find out how you can become a partner in our drive to pioneer discovery

Our National Coalition of independent state and local lupus organizations, many in urban centers such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco

  • speak as a united “patients’ voice” for lupus research on Capitol Hill
  • raise awareness and understanding of lupus
  • care for people with lupus
  • link people with lupus to clinical trials.

View major outreach and current research sites of the National Coalition of the Lupus Research Institute