The Lupus Research Institute (LRI) Pioneers Discovery to Prevent, Treat, and Cure Lupus

The LRI is driven and relentless in its dedication to one transparent agenda: to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for this complex and dangerous autoimmune disease by unleashing the collaborative creativity and passion of the scientific community in the exploration of uncharted territory in lupus inquiry.

This bold and inventive approach is our organization’s hallmark and testament to our ultimate optimism. We defy convention when necessary in support of the quest for a lupus cure, and are uninhibited and unafraid—even unconventional—as we pursue innovation, new ideas, and scientific risk-taking.

But while we boldly strive for advances in lupus research, we are first and foremost about people—the 1.5 million Americans and millions more worldwide who struggle with lupus, and the extraordinary families and friends who care for them.